We at SHQIPFUL created a joyful Mother Teresa design. We believe in the power of love, friendship, compassion and kindness, traits that the Albanian nation holds true to this day. Mother Teresa has all that and more. This is the least we could do for her after all she's done for the whole world. 


Mother Teresa Design Mother Teresa is known by the names of Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhi (her childhood name), Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhi or as Saint Teresa of Calcutta. She was the first modern Albanian ever to get recognized as a saint by the Vatican and the first Albanian ever to get a Nobel Peace Prize. 

If you don't see these as sufficient reasons we are feeling flattered that the Pope himself is reading our post. If this is not it keep reading and maybe learn few little details that you probably didn't know. We'll try to keep it short.

Mother Teresa was born in the Albanian family of Bojaxhi in Skopje.   At that time territories were divided in such way that Skopje (Shkupi) was under the Vilayet of  Kosova. Vilayet-s were administrative units ultimately controlled by the ottoman empire. Anjezë started her spiritual journey since when was just 12 in her hometown. By the age of 18 she traveled to Ireland where she  became a nun and later to India were she got the Indian citizenship.


Why precisely India one would ask?

The fact that India is one of the countries with the biggest population leads you to believe that it is as well the country with the highest economical and social gap. Every major spiritual journey has to pass through India in one moment or another. You can’t even imagine what it's like to be extremely poor and miserable if you haven’t been there. There are people which have nothing at all; no home, no food, no clothes, no friends and family, no love, nothing.  Anjezë was deeply touched by how the human soul could be transformed with a bit of love and care. She dedicated the rest of her life lending her smile to the troubled souls of the world. 

She requested many times to come in Albania to meet her people and open some charitable organizations and shelters but Albania was under one of the harshest dictatorships of the time. No one was allowed to practice any kind of religion and most of religious buildings were destroyed -some of them were as ancient as dating back to III century AC.

 After many requests she was finally granted permission to enter Albania only in 1989 when dictatorship was about to dissolve. She was all the time under observation and never left unattended or with “not the right people”. Her presence was merely showcased in the media.

 When expressed her desire to open a charity organization and shelters she was told by the president of that time Ramiz Alia and the wife of the dead dictator, Nexhmije Hoxha, that "no one was poor or abandoned in Albania" thus her help was not needed.

During her visit she was accompanied by the American journalist Janette Petrie. Janette made an impressively detailed film about Mother Teresa. She followed Mother Teresa for more than 5 years in 10 countries on 4 continents all of which are showcased in the award winning movie-documentaries “Mother Teresa” and “Mother Teresa: The Legacy”.

 Before leaving from Albania she got a little present- the only ever thing it would be given to her- that would make her company during her life, a little artisanal rug over which she could pray every day. She prayed over that rug till the last day of her life. 

Mother Teresa returned in Albania again several more times after the dictatorship had fallen and helped a lot during the war in Kosovo. She started the first mission group in a tiny house in Rr. “Siri Kodra” in Tirana. She also met with the Albanian community in NYC at the first given chance. Her speech and her Albanian prayer were recorded for the first time by the Albanian reporter for the Voice of America Gjeke Gjonlekaj. Her figure elevates and gives grace to the Albanian name even now, many years after her death. That’s why we created this colorful Mother Teresa design T-shirt for every Albanian to wear with pride and joy.


Her impact on celebrities

She met during her life powerful people like Lady Diana, the Queen of England, Bill Clinton, etc. and the world wondered how a little woman that owned only one white and one blue sari could be so influential and melt the hearts of millions. The description of the documentary showcasing her life is the answer of many such questions.  

 At the heart of this film and, for the first time, we see and hear Mother Teresa reveal her simple but profound spirituality that, put into action, transcended religious, political and cultural boundaries and enabled her to open 500 homes for the poor in over 124 countries. The film includes intimate and never-before-seen footage of Mother Teresa’s private burial. But it is Mother’s words, finally, that reveal why she has captivated the hearts and admiration of the world.

 There are hundreds of writers, business people, spiritual people, children and world leaders influenced and inspired by her unique traits. We also got inspired by her and created THIS collection for her. 


Who Mother Teresa inspired

Mother Teresa, who died in 1997 after many dedicated decades of charitable service, is remembered as a woman of great faith and unmatched charitable donation. In fact, she left such a legacy that the Hungarian Parliament and Government established in her honor in 2011. They chose September 5, the anniversary of her death, to commemorate her life with their civil service initiative.

 The United Nations quickly picked up on this holiday, and by 2012 it was spread worldwide. The UN established it to recognize the charitable works of all organizations, including the work of Mother Teresa, and to highlight the power of charity in alleviating humanitarian crises and human suffering. On September 5 we can honor the work of Mother Teresa by experiencing the joy of charitable giving ourselves!

 We have our own charity campaign going on as well. We have paired with Lorik Cana Foundation- LC5- where you can buy a product with the Cana Warrior design and all the profits go to this foundation that builds sportive playgrounds for Albanian youth. Go HERE and check it out and remember- Giving is Receiving!


January 25, 2021