At SHQIPFUL, our Albanian heritage means something. Our apparel celebrates the feeling of belonging to one of the oldest cultures in Europe. Albanian history and culture is in our blood. It is part of us wherever we are in the world, and not just during football matches and national holidays. So we want to remind ourselves of where we come from with unique and meaningful designs Albanians can wear every day.

How it all began...

Coffee shops in Tirana, 2018. Alban Selami, an Albanian-American had returned to experience the homeland he had left when he was young. Having grown up in the US, reconnecting with his roots by discovering the culture and traditions of Albania, was a life defining experience. He spend 4 years exploring the Albanian lands in the Balkans, taking in everything from the mountains to the sea, from the North to the South. He learned about our rich history and culture from visiting museums and castles, reading books and speaking with locals.

Sitting in various coffee shops, Alban and his wife Rudina got to hang out with numerous local creatives. Slowly, an idea formed to bring the work of these Albanian artists, designers and creatives to their compatriots all over the world. Over the course of deep conversations and many cups of coffee and raki, that idea grew into Shqipful, an apparel brand celebrating Albanian culture and lifestyle.

Supporting our heroes…

Our ultimate goal is to support the heroes of contemporary Albanian culture; our artists and creatives.”

That’s why all our designs are collaborations with talented Albanian designers living in Albania, Kosovë, Germany, Belgium and the USA. And every time you make a purchase, Albanian designers get a percentage of the profits. When you browse our website, you’ll see Albanian models wearing our designs, all photographed by Albanian photographers located around the world in places like New York, Albania, Switzerland, and Germany.

Giving Back X Empowering Albanian Youth

We wanted to create a brand with meaningful designs for Albanians to wear everyday. — But to BE meaningful, we have to DO more than make clothing. So we teamed up with Albanian football icon, Lorik Cana, and his Foundation to create lit designs. All the profits go to building sports centers for kids in Albania. Together we can empower young Albanian talents to become our national icons of the future.

We are on a mission…

What started as a husband-wife duo of Albanian heritage has grown into a team of 10 professionals dedicated to promoting our culture. We are based in the US, and strive to craft high-quality, unique designs with meaning behind them for Albanians everywhere. So far, we have shipped our products to over 30 countries around the world. Our clothing, accessories and headwear are not simply based on Albanian culture and history — they are part of it!