Our mission is to preserve and promote Albanian history and culture for all Albanians regardless of where they've been born and raised. To keep history alive. To remember. To bring home closer.


We used the wisdom of the words "United you'll be stronger!" of our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg in the fulfillment of our mission.  


Albanians do it better

We started to work only with Albanians since from the beginning because who better than Albanians knows our history and culture?

 All the designers we collaborate with are Albanians that live all around the globe. They are based in Tirana, Prishtina, Belgium, and Germany. They get a percentage from every product you purchase on the products they've designed. This way they continue to create with their roots in mind while being motivated to do so, too.

One of the designers, Valdet Hajdari, wearing his creation Albanian Ultras T-shirt.An Albanian designer wearing his own creation.


We also collaborate with Albanian photographers, models and videographers in New York because we want to have Albanian features in our imagery and be connected with our community. Take a look at our behind the scenes video in New York.


We give back to the community

Giving is one of the greatest joys in life. That's why we teamed up with one of the greatest patriots of our time Lorik Cana.  He was one of our early supporters and we wanted to create something beautiful with him. 


Here Lorik is wearing the first version of our United States of Albania T-shirt.
Lorik Cana wearing the SHQIPFUL T-shirt


In order for us to give something back to the community we created a unique design featuring Lorik's performance during Euro2016 the sales of which would go to Lorik Cana Foundation. This foundation builds sports centers for the kids in the Albanin lands with the donation they receive.


Lorik Cana T-shirt

  Lorik believes that Albania holds a lot of talent that needs to be discovered and nurtured in early stages of one's life. We believe this, too and we strongly encourage you to purchase the Lorik Cana T-shirt in support of this cause.  
Be part of the change!